How to adopt a child in Malaysia. A step-by-step guide on adoption in Malaysia.


Are you thinking of adopting a child in Malaysia? There are a few steps to follow through but worry not; the adoption process is straightforward and not as complicated as you may think. Still, of course, it may take a while, especially during the waitlist. There are also some things you might want to consider asking yourself before making an adoption.

Step 1: Is adoption suitable for you?

Here are a few questions to ask if adoption is suitable for you:

  • Why do you want to adopt?
  • Can you prioritise your child’s needs?
  • Do you have a place for him/her in your home?
  • Are you prepared to help her/him get over physical and emotional trauma?
  • Can you provide financial security for the child?
  • Do you have people to go to for advice, help and support?

Suppose you have confidently answered all these questions positively, great! 

Step 2: Are you looking to adopt a baby, an older child or a special needs child?

Children available for adoption range in age and background. Those most in need of a family are older children (2 – 18 years old) and children with special needs. Older children are left languishing in institutions until age 18, at which point they have to leave.

OrphanCare adoption services arrange the adoption of older children, special needs children and babies who come through our baby hatches, orphanages and other care facilities.

Adopt an infant (less than 2 years old)

OrphanCare operates baby hatches and facilitates adoptions for babies whose birth mothers and parents have chosen adoption.

Adopt an older child (2-18 years old)

Older children need love, care, attention and family urgently. We urge Malaysians to adopt older children, even a pair of siblings.

Adopt a special needs child

Many special needs children would thrive in the care of a loving family. Adopting children with special needs can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Step 3: Are you eligible to adopt?

Next, we would need to see if you are eligible to adopt. Adopters can be from any walk of life or background. We seek people with different skills and backgrounds regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or marital status. 

Unfortunately, OrphanCare does not provide adoption facilitating services to residents living in East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan). This is because the East Malaysian adoption law differs from the adoption law of Peninsula Malaysia. But, bear in mind, if you are a citizen from East Malaysia but are currently living in Peninsular Malaysia, you may be eligible to adopt. Please refer to the table below for further information regarding the criteria. 

OrphanCare does not provide international adoption services. This includes adopting children from other countries or non-local couples that do not have Malaysian citizenship that are looking to adopt.

These set criteria differ if you are interested in adopting an infant, an older child or a child with special needs. It also differs if you are a married couple or single. Applicants that may be considered suitable adoptive parents if:

You are adopting an infant (less than 2 years old):You are adopting an older or special needs child (2-18 years old):
– You are under 45 years old
– Married for at least 5 years and childless and/or married for less than 5 years and have proven fertility issue
– Have a report from a fertility specialist
– Are Malaysian citizens, or a permanent resident (PR) married to a Malaysian citizen
– Live and reside in peninsular Malaysia
– Physically and mentally fit
– Have no criminal record
– Live in a safe neighbourhood
– Have a combined income of at least RM5000 per month
– You are a married couple under 60 years of age
– A single woman under 60 years old
– Are Malaysian citizens, or a permanent resident (PR) married to a Malaysian Citizen
– Physically and mentally fit
– Have no criminal record
– Live in a safe neighbourhood
– Have a combined income of at least RM5000 per month

To quicken the process, you may also take this short quiz below curated by OrphanCare that will determine if you are eligible or not. If you have passed this eligibility quiz, OrphanCare’s adoption team will be notified automatically and you will be able to start your adoption journey seamlessly.

Step 4: Fill the official adoption form

Congratulations! You have passed all the eligibility requirements to adopt! 

What’s next? You will be redirected to the payment page to pay the non-refundable registration fee of RM50. To which, the OrphanCare Adoption team will automatically be notified and will get back to you via email with the adoption registration form, detailed questionnaire and the list of  necessary documents required for you to prepare.

Step 5: Further establish eligibility via interview

After the completion of the form is completed and screening has been done, you will then be interviewed by the OrphanCare team. 

This interview will be done face-to-face to further process your eligibility, as our best interest is always of the child. We would want to ensure that the children being adopted will have the best love and care of a family they deserve. You may also ask a few questions regarding the adoption process, in which we will guide  you through the process following the JKM approved adoption guidelines. Do note that we are not an adoption agency, but we help facilitate adoption and make the process much smoother for you and the child.

Step 6: Attend our pre-adoption training workshop & house inspection

Afterwards, you and your partner will have to attend and complete a one-day compulsory pre-adoption training workshop that OrphanCare will organise. 

In this workshop, we will help manage expectations and you can network with other potential adoptive parents who may end up as your supporting friends in the future to keep in touch and share experiences with.

House inspection – 

Step 7: Registered – Waitlist & Matching

You have now successfully completed all the necessary requirements needed to be adoptive parents. 

Next, your name would be put on a waiting list until there is a baby or a child to be adopted. You will be contacted and updated once we have matched you with a baby. With this, we would like to note that the adoptive parents will also be responsible for the necessary costs of the hospital fees for the child and the birth mother’s hospitalisation fees.

However, if you are interested in adopting an older child, the waiting list would be different. The cost would also differ.

Are all babies from the baby hatch? – elaborate (create new blogpost)

Step 8: Bringing your child(ren) home and finalising the adoption

Finally, the last step of the adoption process is finalising the adoption, which is essentially a legal proceeding where the adoptive parents will be granted legal custody over the child. The OrphanCare team will guide you through the process. After the legal process has been completed, the adoptive parents can finally bring their child home. And worry not, for the first two years of the adoption, the social workers of OrphanCare will ensure post-adoption support to keep track and help you through the adaptation period.

Adoption is indeed a life-changing experience that has an incredible impact on everyone in the process. We truly appreciate your wonderful intention to adopt and help save children and give them a chance to live their lives with the love and care of the family they deserve.

If you have any more questions regarding adoption, please refer to our Adoption Page (LINK) and the Adoption FAQ section (LINK).

We wish you an incredible and pleasant adoption journey. 

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