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[2021] : 15 Jan – Former Miss World Malaysia Highlights Need For Baby Hatches After Dumping Cases in Kuching.

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Daily Dayak : 18 Jan – Set Up More Baby Hatches, provide more education & support system.

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News Sarawak Tribune : 21 Jan – Baby Hatches Saves Lives

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The STAR – 29 Jan – NGO, provate hospitals in Sarawak urged to provide Hatch facilities by Welfare Minister.

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The STAR – 30 Jan – Sarawak Minister calls for more Baby Hatch facilities

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22 Jan – The STAR Interview & Article

Miss Venesa, a reporter with The STAR did an interview with OrphanCare JB Supervisor Nurul Huda about OrphanCare’s work and focusing on our Baby Hatch. They did a good story and it was published in their paper on 19 January 2021 with the heading “Tearful tales of babies left at hatches.”


  • 27 Feb – Article on Baby Hatch 

An article on Free Malaysia Today speaks about our Baby Hatch entitled “Don’t Blame Mothers for Baby Dumping”. It was a statement made by the President of the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia Dr Subatra Jayaraj asking for non-judgemental, right based policies to support the girls and teenage mothers. It was also supported by Sarawak Suhakam commissioner Madeline Berma.

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  • 25 Apr – The STAR article

With the recent news on illegal adoption syndicates being caught by the authority, the STAR interviewed OrphanCare to get a clearer picture of our adoption process and the Baby Hatch.

It was a good write up with good facts and information.

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  • (i) 29 Apr – Alpha IVF & Yayasan Nurjiwa Campaign

For their 10th anniversary, Alpha IVF & Women’s Specialist, has teamed up with Yayasan Nurjiwa, an NGO under Dato Seri Siti Nurhaliza and launched a campaign called “Perfect 10 Perfect Love”. This campaign is to raise funds in support of deinstitutionalisation. OrphanCare is the beneficiary of this campaign.


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  • 11 May – (ii) The Sun News on OC

OrphanCare was featured in one of the columns in The Sun. It was a good article and awareness about our work and mission focusing on Deinstitutionalisation.

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  • 22 July – The STAR article on deinstitutionalization

The STAR published our insights on Justice for Bella where we strongly shared our view about the case and why OrphanCare is fighting for deinstitutionalisation to be recognised and accepted.

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  • 4 Aug – The Sun Article

The Sun Daily published our story titled “Deinstitutionalisation welfare homes to curb abuse”. They interviewed our CEO where we shared our insight on the need of reintegration and the negative impacts on children living in institutions. We also emphasized on how important it is for an organization to have a proper structure and to be audited for the safety and welfare of the children living there.

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  • 14 September – The STAR article

OorphanCare voiced our concerns on the welfare of Covid19 orphans published in The STAR titled “NGO urges government to consider extended families first before sending Covid-19 orphans to institutions.” 

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  • 23 September – (i) The SUN Article

OrphanCare’s concerns were mentioned in The Sun article “Covid deaths leave lingering effects on children.” We hope our mission in DI will carry weight in the governments decision about children who became orphans due to this pandemic by not only resolving to putting them in institutions.

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A radio interview was done by BFM Radio with our trustees Puan Noraini regarding the statement by the state Women Development Family & Social Welfare Committee chairman Dr Wan Norashikin Wan Noordin regarding “Too many baby hatches could encourage more babies being abandoned” published in the STAR on 21 July 2020.

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  • THE STAR – 22 JULY

Only one baby hatch in Perak now

Our baby hatch was mentioned referring to the recent case of a baby being abandoned in Perak despite having a baby hatch facility there. This had lead to more news and discussion about our hatch.

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Saving Lives-Expert debunks argument baby hatches encourage infant dumping cases-say more facilities needed.

OC appeared to clear the facts about our baby hatches-following the comment on baby hatches by DR Wan Norashikin in the STAR on 21 July 2020.

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  • THE STAR – 25 JULY

NGO defends baby hatches

Article about OC baby hatch was published regarding the comment about baby hatches encourages more babies being abandoned.

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  • 9 Aug – The STAR
  • A Cry for More Hatches

An article about the dire need for baby hatches across Malaysia with arguments from some state governments stating that it will only encourage baby dumping. However, the main issue is that many were too scared to keep their babies due to the stigma surrounding pregnancy out of wedlock.


  • More baby hatches should be set up nationwide, says NGO

OrphanCare takes a stand stating that with more baby hatches available, more babies would be safe.


  • Pregnant, shunned and nowhere to turn to

An article that shares the reality that some girls had to face. Many were betrayed and had nowhere to go.


  • Nine babies dumped every month

This article covers the baby dumping trend that persisted to happen in Malaysia over the years. The statistics showed that an average of 100 babies were found in unsafe places and less than half were found alive. The baby hatches may be a “debatable measure, but it is also sensible in preserving the rights and welfare of the baby”.


  • 11 Aug – The STAR

Baby dumping: Health Ministry should set up baby hatches at all its hospitals

A consultant neurosurgeon,  Datuk Dr Fadzli Cheah understands the purpose of baby hatches in Malaysia. OrphanCare was mentioned in this article as he set forth for a collaboration with us to have the first baby hatch in a Malaysian hospital.


  • 12 Aug – The STAR ePaper

Change in mindset critical in preventing baby dumping

Dr John Teo, obstetrician and gynaecologist from Kota Kinabalu expresses his sadness upon discovering the baby dumping statistics in Malaysia.


  • 13 Aug – New Straits Time

Adopt proven approach to stop baby dumping

Dr John Teo continues to express his concerns regarding the baby dumping issue. He proceeds to state that blaming the teenagers doesn’t solve the complex issue whereas we should start educating the youths and destigmatise unwed mothers.


  • 15 Sept – Radio AIFM Interview

OC was interviewed which was aired on at 9am-10am on the topic of abandoned babies.