We believe no child should be abandoned or denied the love and care of a family.


Our Vision

OrphanCare Foundation as the centre of excellence and knowledge for family based care.

Our Mission

OrphanCare Foundation advocates and provides services that ensure babies and children who are in institutions and those whose lives are at risk, the opportunity to grow up in the care of a loving family.

Every Child Needs a Family

OrphanCare is a non-profit foundation that endeavours to give institutionalised children and unplanned, at-risk, newborn babies the joy of growing in the care of a loving family in accordance with our tag-line: Every Child Needs a Family.

Why we do this

We want children out of institutions and cared for by families. This vision drives OrphanCare. We believe children have the right to love, security, shelter, health and education as enshrined in Malaysia’s Child Act (Amendment) 2016 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The damage caused by institutions makes us passionate about our mission.

The Founder's Story

The Late Dato’ Adnan Mohd Tahir founded OrphanCare in 2008 and was its first president.

Dato’ Adnan and wife Datin Elya texted friends to gauge interest about adopting orphaned children from Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. The overwhelming response convinced the couple there were good homes in Malaysia for any child who needed one. When stories surfaced about babies being abandoned in unthinkable places like dumpsites, bushes and public toilets Dato’ Adnan sensed a way to tackle the crisis. He set up OrphanCare with a group of friends.

Malaysia’s first baby hatch to support young women dealing with unplanned pregnancies opened in Petaling Jaya in May 2010.

Following Dato’ Adnan’s passing in 2011, OrphanCare evolved into a Foundation championing deinstitutionalisation (DI)– reintegrating children raised in institutions back into the care of parents, extended family and the community at large.

Our Goals


Create awareness of the negative effects of children growing up in institutions


End the institutionalisation of children


Transform child care in Malaysia into one that nurtures and prospers children and families


Help the government and stakeholders strengthen family and community based services.


Change society’s views on orphans and unplanned pregnancies


Reduce and end abandoning of babies

Our Partners

Jonaron Foundation

Sunquick Malaysia

Hong Leong Foundation

Yayasan Sime Darby

Yayasan Hasanah

Our Awards