We are with you from the beginning to end

We provide support and aid pregnant women in crisis and facilitate adoption and reintegration in Malaysia

Our vision is a world where children no longer suffer institutional care nor face threats to their survival.


The children deserves better

We help couples in Malaysia navigate the adoption process. We will also help facilitate your adoption journey from start to finish. At OrphanCare, there are three types of adoption and we can help you match with your future children. Let us guide you to start your adoption journey.


Climbing out of old Paradigms

Advocacy and awareness raising are major activities at OrphanCare. We use knowledge gained through our services to advocate policies and practices. We host Reproductive Health talks for youths, webinars to educate on DI as well as Parent Training as a part of our adoption programme.


We are committed to help

OrphanCare provides counselling to selected clients such as children and their families who are in the process of reintegration as well as young girls and women coping with an unplanned pregnancy. Counselling helps the client cope with a potentially very stressful situation. Sharing a concern can relieve anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings. If you fall under the category of our counselling clients and in need of help, we may be able to help you.


Transitioning to family based care

Reintegration is a careful process of reuniting a child from an institution back into the care of his or her family. If a child cannot be reintegrated with his or her natural parents or extended family, the child can be adopted. OrphanCare’s reintegration programme’s priority is always for the child’s wellbeing and safety.

Baby Hatch

A Safe Place For Your Baby

We encourage couples, women or anyone who needs help with an unplanned pregnancy to contact us or leave their newborn at our 24 hour baby hatches. We also highly recommend walk-ins and rest assured, there would be no judgments. We can help you.

Let's talk!

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding the baby hatch or the adoption process.

24 Hour Support Helpline

Free, Highly confidential, Non-judgemental, Accepts women and girls from all backgrounds

We are here to support you