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OrphanCare offers counselling services to these ‘clients’

Reintegrating children

Children from institutions in the process of reintegrated into a family

Reintegrating Parents

Parents and family members involved in a reintegration process

Pregnant women

Young girls and women coping with an unplanned pregnancy

Birth Parents

Who have decided to give a child up for adoption

Adoptive Parents

who are dealing with integrating an adopted child into their family

Foster carers

who need parenting advice and skills

Counselling involves

Counselling does NOT involve

Call our 24 Hour Support Hotline

Our Hotline is strictly for EMERGENCY CASES ONLY

involving pregnancy shelter and delivery needs 
If you require immediate assistance for yourself or know someone else in similar situation please reach out to us.


(Free, Highly confidential, Non-judgemental, Accepts women and girls from all backgrounds)

With counselling, clients will be able to

Tell his or her story

Acknowledging difficult or negative experiences

Understand and accept

Live with strong feelings brought by difficult situations

Make decisions

Make responsible choices from a difficult situation


Acknowledging difficult or negative experiences

Overcome negative thoughts

Deal with fear and anxiety

Make Gain self-esteem

Develop positive attitude towards challenges

Gain confidence

Solve problems more confidently

Be happier

Move on more happily with life

Our counsellors are qualified professionals registered with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. They are bound to high professional standards and guided by a code of ethics.

All counselling is done in strict confidence. Information is released to outside parties only with the client’s consent. The exception is information that involves the client’s safety and or well-being. The counsellor is obliged to release such information to the appropriate authorities.

24 Hour Support Helpline

Free, Highly confidential, Non-judgemental, Accepts women and girls from all backgrounds

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