Transitioning from institutions to family based care

Deinstitutionalisation or DI transitions children away from child care institutions towards a range of family and community-based services. Poverty is commonly the root cause of children being institutionalised. Although issues in relation to family or community may also be part of the many causes.

The Reintegration Procedure

Reintegration is a careful process of reuniting a child from an institution back into the care of his or her family. If a child cannot be reintegrated with his or her natural parents or extended family, the child can be adopted. OrphanCare’s reintegration programme’s priority is always for the child’s wellbeing and safety.

Step 1

The institution or orphanage refers a child (‘client’) to OrphanCare’s social worker for reintegration.

Step 2

The social worker visits the institution and starts a relationship with the client in order to assess if he or she is ‘ready’.

Step 3

The social worker makes an appointment to meet the client’s immediate family to get more information.

Step 4

Once the client agrees to be reintegrated the social worker sets about identifying the needs of all parties and developing a ‘Care Plan’ with the client.

Step 5

The client may be referred for counselling after a case consultation with the counsellor and OrphanCare’s management.

Step 6

The social worker identifies needs of the client and family – financial assistance, groceries, school uniforms, job placement, housing issues, educational support, etc. – and studies ways to meet these needs.

Step 7

OrphanCare will solicit help from multiple sources – corporations, charitable organisations, NGOs, etc. The priority is sustaining the family unit into whose care the child is released.

Step 8

Client is reintegrated into his or her family.

Step 9

An OrphanCare social worker will follow up and make regular Post Reintegration Care Plans.

Step 10

At the end of a determined period the social worker together with the counsellor and OrphanCare’s management evaluates the client’s status. If satisfied that client and family are doing well the social worker writes a final report and the case file is closed.

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