Making change happen

We want children out of institutions and cared for by families. This vision drives OrphanCare.

Giving children back their lives

To end the practice of children being raised in institutions; transitioning to a family and community based care system that will end the disturbing trend in babies being abandoned is a big task that requires a multifaceted approach.

Baby Hatch

Addressing a serious social concern of baby dumping. Since 2009, OrphanCare has been setting up baby hatches as a safe place for babies whose birth mothers are often desperate or in a state of mind that could endanger their newborns. Help us extend our reach to provide safe havens for babies all across Malaysia.



Average numbers of abandoned babies each year in Malaysia

6 in 10

Abandoned babies do not survive

4 in 10

Abandoned babies survives often with severe complications

OrphanCare's Impact

as of February 2024


Baby Hatches

Operating across Peninsula Malaysia.


Babies / Children

Saved since 2008.


Walk-in Cases

Most of OrphanCare’s cases are walk-in birth mothers



Placed at baby hatches


There is an urgent need to protect and nurture our vulnerable children in institutions. DI is a massive undertaking involving all levels and strata of government, corporations and civil society and we urge financial supporters of child-care institutions to urgently advise their organisations about this paradigm shift.

Facts on Institutionalised children


Children live in institutions in Malaysia


Still have at least ONE living parents


still have both parents alive

OrphanCare's Impact

as of February 2024






Adopted from various orphanages via OrphanCare

Change systems, change lives

Children are our most precious asset. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that less privileged Malaysian children are given opportunities to achieve their best potential.


In pursuit of DI and saving babies in baby hatches, we advocate and facilitate adoptions to take children out of institutions. Adoption is an essential part of our mission to save the lives of babies who are at risk and to give Malaysian children in institutions a chance to experience the joy of growing up in a family.

OrphanCare's Impact

as of February 2024






by birth mothers


referred to JKM due to special cases


Older Children​

older children adopted


Addressing root causes to prevent crises is OrphanCare’s main mission in advocating and raising awareness. We raise and highlight issues with parties who need to know and be involved and we collaborate with government and non-governmental organisations (NGO), businesses and civil society to find optimal solutions to help children, young people and families.

OrphanCare's Impact


Year Since

OrphanCare conducted RH talks at schools, universities and colleges


Awareness Talks

Held yearly on average up to 2021

> 0


Attended our awareness talks with positive

0 +


On social media


Our counsellors are qualified professionals registered with the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. They are bound to high professional standards and guided by a code of ethics. The main objective is to bring about a voluntary change in our selective client. OrphanCare is committed to providing help until the client is stable enough to manage on their own.

Sustainable Development Goals

Reducing maternal mortality and newborn deaths by providing temporary shelter, support and baby hatches

Ensuring youths are provided a safe space to learn their bodily awareness and rights through “I am in control” Reproductive Health talks.

Progressing to change society’s view on women with unplanned pregnancy regardless of circumstances.

Empowering and promoting social inclusion irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

Deinstitutionalisation and creating awareness of the importance of birth registration to give hatch babies their rightful identity.