The children deserve better

“DI is not about closing orphanages and child care institutions. It is about reintegrating children with their right to grow up with the love and care of a family.”

10 key element of the deinstitutionalisation process

Accreditation: Ending the institutionalisation of children in Malaysia 2014 Lumos

Types of Deinstitutionalisation


We strongly advocate for baby and special needs babies adoption as part of our deinstitutionalisation mission. The children deserve better and they deserve a loving family.

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We help couples in Malaysia to navigate the Malaysian adoption process. We are with you from start to finish.


Reintegration is a careful process of reuniting a child from an institution back into the care of his or her family. If a child cannot be reintegrated with his or her natural parents or extended family, the child can be adopted. OrphanCare’s reintegration programme’s priority is always for the child’s wellbeing and safety.

The Reintegration Procedure

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Consequences of children raised in institutions


more likely to be involved in PROSTITUTION as adults


more likely to obtain a criminal record


more likely to COMMIT SUICIDE

Accreditation: Ending the Institutionalisation of Children in Malaysia, 2014, Lumos.


And if you are a family that wants to reintegrate with your child(ren) in institutions, we can help.

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