Working To Save A Family

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The Deinstitutionalisation (DI) team started building rapport with HOME in 2014 after they agreed to refer children who could potentially be reintegrated back into their families.

We took on Ps case in March 2015. P is a 52-year-old single mother with 3 children. Her husband was physically abusive and a drug user so they separated. P then sent 2 children to Home in 2006 and the eldest to live with an aunt in a nearby village.

P found a job that paid RM 1100 per month. She rented a room in a hostel because she didn’t want to live in an area that reminded her of the days of abuse.

HOME is one of the better-run institutions. P’s children were relatively comfortable but missed their mum. They wanted to be with her but P was only allowed to visit once a month.

We met P at the HOME and she committed to working with OrphanCare to be reunited with her children.

Within 8 months we helped her find accommodation that was affordable and not far from her workplace. We organised a public appeal for second-hand furniture for her house. OrphanCare helped arrange the transfer of the children to a school that was more convenient for P. We tried to get money from the welfare department but couldn’t because P’s marriage was not registered. We persevered and got P registered for Bantuan Rakyat Satu Malaysia (BRIM) payments. She also signed up for a RM 500 reintegration fund from OrphanCare.

P and her children continue to receive counselling as we explore training to upgrade the skills of the family unit as a whole. We believe P is now independent and able to care for and sustain her family.

The family is now considered reunited and the children reintegrated.

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