Transforming Lives: OrphanCare and Naelofar Giving Unplanned Babies a Second Chance at Life


At OrphanCare, we are grateful for the support we receive from our amazing community. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with renowned influencer @naelofar, and the response has been nothing short of heartwarming. In this blog post, we want to express our deepest appreciation to the Naelofar’s community (the #NaelofarBabes) for their generous contributions and share how their support is making a tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

Collaboration with @naelofar

We are delighted to join forces with the influential @naelofar and her compassionate community. Together, we have achieved an extraordinary milestone by raising an astounding RM15,380 through The Kindness Box collection. This remarkable initiative has contributed towards the maintenance and continuous support of our vital program, The Baby Hatch. By nurturing and protecting unplanned newborns, we are paving the way for their journey towards loving homes, fueled by the kindness and generosity of supporters like you. 

Interview with @naelofar and the #NaelofarBabes! 

During our interview with @naelofar and the #NaelofarBabes, Naelofa shared her motivation for choosing OrphanCare, stating, ‘OrphanCare is the only NGO in Malaysia with a Baby Hatch, and I wanted to support the Baby Hatch Programme.’ As a new mom herself, Naelofa deeply understands the importance of providing a safe environment for babies and expressed, ‘I wanted to make a difference through OrphanCare’s Baby Hatch Programme.’ When asked about her decision to raise awareness about OrphanCare, Naelofa explained, ‘I believe that by raising awareness, we can save more children. It’s about creating a caring community that takes action.

The response from the #NaelofarBabes in support of the Baby Hatching Program has been truly inspiring. Together, we have witnessed how a collective effort can create positive change and transform the lives of unplanned new born babies. The funds collected through this collaboration will be utilized to upgrade facilities, empower our dedicated volunteers, and further enhance our initiatives within the Baby Hatching Program, bringing hope and support to these precious lives in need.

Support the Baby Hatch initiative by purchasing The Kindness Box. For every box sold, RM5 will be donated to provide daily necessities for newborns in need. Help us spread kindness and make a difference in their lives. Check out this real to learn more.

The Baby Hatch Program

Are you still wondering what is the Baby Hatch Program exactly? This program offers a safe and nurturing environment for unplanned new born babies, giving them the care and attention they need to thrive. In an upcoming blog post, we will provide an in-depth look into the processes and operations of The Baby Hatch program, showcasing the incredible journey of these precious lives as they find their forever families. Stay tuned to learn more about the impact we’re making together.

Small acts of kindness, big impact

We invite you to join us in our mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Your contribution, no matter the amount, can make a difference. We encourage you to support @naelofar’s collaborative efforts with OrphanCare by purchasing her Kindness Box (while stocks last). To stay updated on our initiatives, make sure to follow @Orphancare & @naelofar’s social media channels and continue spreading awareness about the importance of empowering and protecting children.

Together, we can create a brighter future for every child. Thank you for being a part of the OrphanCare community and for making a positive impact in the lives of those who need it the most.

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