Nurturing Hope for 15 Years: OrphanCare’s Legacy of Changing Children’s Lives

Celebrating 15 years, OrphanCare Foundation has been a beacon of hope in Malaysia, championing the right of every child to grow up in a loving family environment. Founded in 2008, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones, including launching Malaysia’s first baby hatch and rescuing 550 babies. Our dedication to deinstitutionalisation and family-based care has flourished through partnerships with organizations like Yayasan Hasanah, Sunquick, Yayasan Sime Darby, and HSBC Foundation. As we look forward, our mission continues to be driven by community support and a vision to ensure every child knows the love of a family. Join us in making a lasting difference.

Angel Amaze & OrphanCare: A Donation for Change

The Tapestry of Connection: A world of possibilities Sometimes, life brings special moments where people can help each other in amazing ways. That’s what happened with OrphanCare and Angel Amaze. […]

Baby Hatch: A Safe Haven for Infants in Need

At OrphanCare, our mission is to provide a safe haven and a second chance at life for vulnerable infants through our Baby Hatch Program. This vital initiative offers a loving […]