Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan


Supporting OrphanCare to Transform Lives

As we come together to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, we also share the spirit of giving to those who need it most. At OrphanCare, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Malaysia by reuniting them with their families or finding them loving adoptive homes. Your support during this sacred month helps us to make a lasting impact on countless lives.

Your donation goes directly to our services for babies, mothers, adoptive parents, families, and institutionalized children. Family Support Services help reunite children living in orphanages with their families by providing comprehensive social, emotional, and financial assistance. Your donation also supports our Baby Hatch program, which provides a safe and anonymous option for mothers who are unable to care for their newborns, preventing them from being abandoned in dangerous conditions. Last but not least, your donation goes towards our rigorous staff training and development programmes, ensuring that our team can provide the highest quality care and guidance to the families we serve.

This Ramadan, let us unite to improve the lives of orphaned children in Malaysia. By supporting OrphanCare, you make a tangible difference and provide a brighter future for these children. As we reflect on our blessings and engage in acts of charity, we are reminded of the powerful impact we can have when we come together as a community. 

Empower Children Like Aida to Rise Above Life’s Challenges

Eleven-year-old Aida lost her mother to Covid-19. Her father was not around, having divorced her mother when she was only five and ceasing to provide financial support for the family. This left her suddenly alone in the world, much sooner than you can expect a child to stand on their own two feet.

While her mother was alive, she owned a small satay business. After her passing, a relative named Rizal took over the business. Until today, Rizal financially supports Aida with a monthly contribution from the proceeds. Aida now lives with Juliana, her late mother’s friend and employee, who also still works in the business.

Despite her young age and the challenges she has already faced, Aida has been fortunate to find the love and support of her guardians, Rizal and Juliana, through OrphanCare. Your donations allows us to continue helping Aida, and many other children like her, to overcome the challenges they face and to just focus on being kids, being loved, and achieving their full potential.

Donate Monthly and Amplify your Impact

Since 2008, OrphanCare has supported countless children and families, providing essential support and care to those in need. Recurring donations are vital in ensuring the organization can maintain and expand its services. According to UNICEF, family-based care is crucial for the healthy development of children, making the work of organizations like OrphanCare essential in creating lasting change. By donating monthly, you will directly impact the lives of children like Aida. Your recurring donation will empower OrphanCare to bring stability into the homes that need it most.

There are several other ways to get involved, such as volunteering, sharing Aida’s story, or spreading the word about OrphanCare within your community.

Wrapping up

As we come together to celebrate Ramadan, support OrphanCare and help vulnerable children rise above life’s challenges. Join us in empowering children like Aida by donating monthly to OrphanCare. Your monthly donation makes a lasting impact and provides a brighter future for many children.

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Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan

We are dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Malaysia by reuniting them with their families or finding them loving adoptive homes.

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