Nur Azim Alia Mohamed Noor

Alia started working a part time teacher and became a full time teacher at one of the big orphanage home in the Klang Valley. Being there as a resident teacher for 4 years, it opened her eyes about how unfortunate the children are living in institutions. She realised most of them have families and are there only because of poverty.
With OrphanCare’s tagline, “Every Child Needs A Family”, Alia feels this aligns perfectly with her believe and was blessed to joined OrphanCare’s team in 2020.
She now heads the Adoption team and felt a deep satisfaction when handling babies, Bio Mothers who need support & Adoptive Parents. Alia felt she has find her calling in giving back to the community by saving the lives of innocent babies & unfortunate children by giving them a chance to live with a loving family.