What support and training do I get?

Training for adoptive parents

  • All prospective adoptive parents must complete a 1day compulsory training program when they apply. This training refreshes your parenting skills and manages expectations. The course will:
    • Explain developmental trauma and attachment issues
    • Over the long term, it should help you understand and better appreciate your (adopted) child’s trauma (if any) and behaviour, the rationale behind our therapeutic approach and how your attitude and behaviour affect your child’s growth and development
    • Make you better informed to more fruitfully engage with practitioners


Support while going through the adoption process

  • There are many opportunities to discuss your hopes, concerns and the practical implications of becoming adoptive parents with your caseworker throughout the adoption approval process
  • During the weeks and months and even after you become adoptive parents we help and support you in your decision-making process.


On-going Support for adoptive families

  • Our adoption team tracks you through the first two years of a successful adoption. We are on hand to support and help deal with attachment or developmental issues
  • In the pipeline are parenting workshops that will help with specific needs. Please subscribe to our newsletter, check our website or call OrphanCare for the latest developments


Networking with other adoptive parents

  • We also provide opportunities to keep in touch, share experiences and link with other adoptive parents via social and networking events.