What is the purpose of the Parent Training?

OrphanCare supports adoptive families and foster carers and their children as needed.

Challenges can surface at all stages of the interaction. OrphanCare encourages adoptive families to come back whenever necessary for advice and help.

Our team of skilled professionals employ international best practices on adoption to deliver specialist support throughout the adoption process; support that is available even after the child is entrenched in a family unit.


There are courses to help you through this process.

OrphanCare offers Parent Training courses to:

  • Prospective adoptive parents
  • Adoptive parents
  • Foster carers

Course modules include:

  • Parent training for adopted infants
  • Parent training for older children and disabled children
  • Parent training for foster children

Some topics found in the modules include:

  • Attachment
  • Healthy Brain Building
  • The Primal Wound
  • Baby Development