What are the youth-related issues that OrphanCare often encounters?

The young women who come to us often fear being rejected by their families. Some are forced to leave home because they have shamed the family. The more fortunate ones have support from the father of the child.

We believe in educating young people about self-awareness and empowering them to use this knowledge wisely. Understanding how bodies and emotions can change as we grow helps young people cope better with relationship issues. We try and teach them to speak up, to better articulate their feelings to friends, families and significant others.

OrphanCare is committed to helping the Malaysian government address the large numbers of unintended pregnancies among our girls and young women. Our baby hatches are a safe haven for girls and young women dealing with unintended pregnancy.

OrphanCare wishes to reduce the likelihood of unintended pregnancies and baby dumping, regardless of circumstance.

We seek to engage with all concerned and involved, girls and boys, their families, communities, schools, health care providers and the various state actors to bring about change. Abstinence can remain the ‘best-recommended practice’ but society needs to be educated and young Malaysians empowered to avoid the pitfall of an unplanned, unintended pregnancy.