Happy Father’s Day – Tribute To A Single Father’s Adoption Journey 🌼


As Father’s Day approaches, we take this opportunity to honor the incredible stories of single fathers who have embarked on the journey of adoption. 

Today, we want to share with you the inspiring success story of Malik, a single father who opened his heart and home to a young boy named Waheed through OrphanCare.  

⭐️ In the depths of despair, an extraordinary bond was about to be forged. This is the emotional tale of Waheed, a young boy who was abandoned at birth, who found solace and love in the arms of a single father. Join us as we delve into Waheed’s remarkable journey of adoption and discover the power of unwavering devotion. 

⭐️ Waheed’s turbulent beginnings were marked by abandonment. Born in a hospital in Kuantan, he was left by his mother, unable to afford the hospital bill. Placed in an institution, Waheed yearned for the love and care only a family could provide. But no parents or heirs emerged, leaving him in limbo. Despite these hardships, Waheed’s resilient spirit shone through, and he thrived in his development.

⭐️ Then, on a life-changing day in July 2021, a single guy named Malik stepped forward. With a deep love for children, Malik embraced Waheed, offering him a forever home. The bond between them grew stronger each day. Waheed flourished under Malik’s devoted care, becoming an active, sociable child who easily made friends. Together, they navigated the healing journey, as Waheed shared his past experiences and found solace in the safety of their newfound family.

⭐️ Waheed’s adoption story stands as a testament to the transformative power of love and resilience. Through the compassion and dedication of a single father, Waheed found his rightful place in the world. This Father’s Day, let us celebrate the incredible bond between Waheed and his adoptive father, Malik, and honor the unwavering love that fathers provide. Their dedication inspires us to create a brighter future for children in need, one adoption story at a time.

OrphanCare had a moment to interview Mr Malik ⭐️

1. What is your most cherished moment you’ve experienced with your son thus far? 

⭐️ As I prepared for the first meeting with my child, a mix of emotions consumed me. Though we had connected through Zoom, this would be our first face-to-face encounter. The weight of responsibility settled upon me. Little did I know how this meeting would shape both our lives. During our Zoom conversation, my son appeared shy, leading me to expect one-way communication. But to my surprise, my son is very talkative and after completing all the related documentation, I just drove him back to Kuala Lumpur.

⭐️ During this journey we had a lot of conversations, as my son fell into silence and gazed out of the window, I assumed he was tired. Concerned, I asked if he needed anything. When he turned his face, he was crying and told me that he was expecting his mother instead, or at least I came with his mother and kept asking if his mother was still alive… 

His words pierced my heart, and I held him close, to comfort him, I held him in my lap until he calmed himself down. I told him a lot of my stories and he also told me a lot of his stories. That was when I felt like that was the best decision I ever made in my life. 

⭐️ In that instant, I knew this was the greatest decision I had ever made. I experienced the profound sense of fatherhood, recognizing that I am everything to my child, responsible for providing him with the best life has to offer. I was immensely grateful for this connection and had subsequently forged a bond that remains etched in my heart forever. 

🌻 Another milestone arrived when I introduced my son to my extended family in my hometown.

With eleven siblings, I didn’t know what to expect upon our arrival. With a warm smile, my mother beckoned my son into her arms, showering him with love and affection, just like any of her other grandchildrens. She assured me that he was now my responsibility, urging me to nurture him with unwavering love. 

🌻 As my siblings gathered one by one and witnessed my mother’s embrace for my son. Even my eldest brother shared a heartfelt prayer of gratitude, thanking the divine for bringing him into our expansive family. Doubts dissolved, and my heart overflowed with gratitude. Although we’ve shared numerous treasured moments since then, those initial encounters hold a special place in my heart.

🌻I witness my son’s joyful growth each day, as he leaves behind his painful past, embracing a life of happiness. To me, he may have been born to someone else, but he is undeniably my son, and I cherish him with all my heart. I will protect him fiercely, for the love I feel as a father knows no bounds.

Transforming Lives: Your Support Fuels Adoption and Family Empowerment 🌼

🌼 As we rejoice in the joyous milestone of Waheed’s adoption, it is crucial to highlight the significant role that donations play in the continuation and success of our vital programs. 

🌼 Among these programs, the OrphanCare’s Parent Adoption Training stands out as a crucial initiative. Through this program, we empower individuals and couples with the essential knowledge, skills, and unwavering support they need to embark on their adoption journey, creating a loving and nurturing home for children yearning for a family. 

🌼 It is through the generosity of our donors that we can sustain and expand this trans-formative program. We are excited to share more details and bring you exciting updates about the program, showcasing how your donations are actively changing the lives of vulnerable children and making a lasting impact in their futures. 

🌼 Your support fuels our mission and enables us to continue providing invaluable resources and guidance to those who wish to open their hearts and homes to children in need. Together, let us celebrate the triumphs of adoption and the incredible difference we can make when we unite in compassion and generosity.

Donate and Change Lives 🐇

🐇 This Father’s Day, let us celebrate the beautiful bond between fathers and their children, and the remarkable stories of adoption that bring love and joy to families.

🐇 The journey of Malik and Waheed is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the positive impact that individuals can make in the lives of children in need. Your support and donations help create brighter futures and give hope to children longing for a loving home.

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