Adopting An Older Child

Older Child Adoption SOP

PAP sends physical copy of application form to OrphanCare & our Social Worker will inform PAP that application has been received

  • Minimum 2 weeks-notice to PAP for interview.
  • Training fee to be paid by PAP

Social Worker will come and visit your home to conducts a pre-adoption home inspection

Reintegration (RI) Phase

OrphanCare will begin matching PAP to potential child

  1. Matched applications submitted to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM)
  2. Preparation on child and Adoptive Parent before child leaves the institution
  3. Child goes home with Adoptive Parent
  1. Meeting with family either online or physical meet in first 5 months of adoption
  2. Post adoption home visit on 6th, 12th, 18th & 24th month after date of adoption

Case management up to 1 year

Matching Process

To ensure that the couple is registered with JKM to legally adopt

1-year period from issue date

PAP may request to renew before expiration date if no matched child within the year.

OrphanCare’s social worker builds rapport with child:

  • physical meeting
  • online meeting
  • telephone meeting

Our social worker schedules several meetings between PAP and child:

  • online
  • in person

Our social worker will be present during the first meeting between child and PAP. As for the subsequent meetings, will be decided according to our social worker whether or not their presence is needed.

For our final step, OrphanCare’s social worker has to meet with the PAP on their thoughts to adopt after 3 sessions with the child


  1. Letter of matched child with PAP send to JKM
  2. JKM approves of matching and sends ‘surat tawaran’ to OC and PAP.
  3. Proceed with Preparation of AP and child
    before child leaves institution.


  1. PAP must present reasons for declining
  2. Our social worker may explore PAP’s interest in rematching
  3. Evaluate whether another match is appropriate