What is the procedure for adoption?

  • Step 1: Is adoption suitable for you? Our best interest is always for the child and we would like potential adoptive parents to be as confident and as ready as they can to embark on an adoption journey.
  • Step 2: Are you looking to adopt a baby, an older child or a special needs child?
  • Step 3: Are you eligible to adopt? Please head over to the Adoption page to take the eligibility assessment. If you have passed this eligibility assessment and have made the registration payment, OrphanCare’s adoption team will be notified automatically and you will be able to start your adoption journey seamlessly.
  • Step 4: Fill in the official adoption registration form after paying the RM50 registration fee.
  • Step 5: Further establish eligibility via interview.
  • Step 6: Attend our pre-adoption parent training workshop.
  • Step 7: Pre-house inspection
  • Step 8: Waitlist & Matching.
  • Step 9: Bringing your child(ren) home and finalising the adoption.
  • You may refer to the section “Steps to adopt a child” on our adoption page and click “read more” to retrieve more information. You may also read our “Step-by-step guide to adoption” blog post for more information.