What is re-integration?

Reintegration is the process of reuniting a child from an institution back into the care of his or her family. Reintegration happens only when a child is ready and willing to be united with his or her natural parents.

The child’s physical and psychological needs are met only when the home situation is stable. Where necessary, we need to support families so they are able to give their children the love and care they need. If a child cannot be reintegrated with his or her natural parents or extended family the child can be adopted or fostered.

In the reintegration process, every child’s reintegration story is different.


Re-integration is the process of placing children back to families which could involve:

a. Re-integration into their biological family

b. Re-integration to their next of kin (kinship)

c. Placing children into the care of adoptive parents

d. Placing children into foster care system

e. Placing especially special need children into small group home