community services

Building capacity


OrphanCare helps institutionalised children, families, prospective adoptive parents, adoptive and foster parents and women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

We take a holistic approach with regards our clients’ physical, social, medical, educational and legal needs. Our service programmes were developed through trial and error and are designed to suit local requirements. They also comply to the Malaysian Child (Amendment) Act 2016, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development regulations and guidelines and follow international best practice.

Among other things we reintegrate children back with their parents or extended kin, arrange and facilitate adoptions and foster care (in the near future), provide a safe haven for women facing an unplanned pregnancy alone, provide counselling and social work support, parent training and reproductive health awareness programmes.

Orphancare targets becoming a resource centre and consultancy on matters concerning DI and a safe haven for mothers in distress.