In pursuit of this we advocate and work to take children out of institutions and have them grow up instead in loving homes and families. To make this work we need to strengthen family units and community based support services. This process is called ‘Deinstitutionalisation’ (DI).

Evidence based research tells us that children brought up in institutions are more likely to suffer poor mental and physical health. Denied the opportunity to form attachments with loved ones they suffer life long physical and psychological harm. Future life chances are extremely poor.

DI is a massive undertaking involving all levels and strata of government, corporations and civil society. OrphanCare is encouraged by the implementation of DI in China, many countries in Europe, Africa and closer to home in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. In May 2015 Malaysia’s Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development announced it was implementing DI, referring to the process of moving from institutional care to family based care.

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