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How you make a difference

We can’t do our work alone. Your gift and your support helps us act on behalf of the most vulnerable in our community – babies at risk of abandonment and children in institutions.

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Where your donation goes

OrphanCare has programmes and activities. Funds collected by OrphanCare Foundation are utilised as per our mandate and mission. You can contribute to a particular programme or campaign if you wish. Please see our section on Ways to Donate.

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Every ringgit goes a long way to helping us achieve our goals and vision

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Our programmes and activities:

Deinstitutionalisation – implementing this across various orphanages requires serious planning and coordination between diverse stakeholders such as government departments, management and staff of institutions and industry professionals.

Reintegration – it takes a team of social workers, counsellors, administrators and volunteers to reintegrate one child back into a family. The child and family need help. The process can be complex and long.

Adoption – We arrange adoptions for birth mothers who wish to have their babies adopted and for institutionalised children who cannot be reintegrated with their families. The process involves screening prospective adoptive parents and providing support for the adoption triad – adoptee, birth mother and adoptive parents.

Foster care – We have plans for foster care to support our DI efforts. We need to hire staff and build capacity to have this up and running soon.

Baby Hatch – We have three centres equipped with a hatch for babies and shelter for young girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy without assistance. They can stay until they decide to make an adoption plan or keep the baby.

Counselling and social work support – Clients have access to our counsellors who provide free guidance and support. Our social workers are trained to help these girls and young women stand on their own feet.

Parent Training – We conduct regular parent training workshops and get-togethers for prospective adoptive parents and for those who have already adopted a child.

Youth Care – We run reproductive health awareness workshops around the country to make young people aware of the responsibilities associated with premarital sex and dangers of unsafe sex.

Advocacy and awareness raising – We organise events, conferences and engage with the media and stakeholders to raise public awareness about baby abandonment and the need to deinstitutionalise orphanages.

Fund raise – Fundraising events raise awareness about our mission and helps pay our way.

General Operations – Our staff need to be paid and volunteers need resources to make all of the above work smoothly. Regular operational and maintenance costs need funding. We need money to grow, to do more.

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