Frequently Asked Questions


Click on baby hatch centres for the centre nearest you. Our centres are open 24 hours.

As a non-profit foundation we rely on donors to cover operational costs. There is a RM50 non-refundable fee to apply. After your application is approved and a baby is identified you will be expected to cover the RM30 per day shelter for the birth mother, the cost of her medical check-ups and delivery and the legal costs of adopting the child.

As a rule we only do adoptions for Malaysians.

OrphanCare only handles adoptions in peninsular Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak have different laws on adoptions.

OrphanCare can advise adoptive parents about applying for citizenship for an adoptive child. We cannot however guarantee success.

OrphanCare will arrange for your child to have a birth certificate before adoption. The birth mother’s name will appear on the birth certificate.

Government schools require a birth certificate. Some private schools are known to accept children without birth certificates.

This is beyond our control. You need to liaise with the National Registration Department.

OrphanCare counsellors conduct counselling sessions with potential adoptive parents and the child before and after adoption. Our social workers make pre-adoption inspections and post adoption visits. These initiatives do not and cannot guarantee successful adoptions but they do reduce the likelihood of a child being returned.

Baby hatch

Click on baby hatch centres for the centre nearest you. Our centres are open 24 hours.

No, it is not. OrphanCare baby hatches are a safe haven for birth mothers and newborn babies. You will not be charged by the authorities if you come to us. You will be treated with respect and your case will be handled with strict confidentiality.

We encourage callers to walk-in and meet with our trained, professional counsellors. 88% of our cases are walk-ins. Babies of parents who walk in get an identity card and are spared being deemed stateless.

OrphanCare is not an orphanage. We do not take care and look after babies and older children at our premises. We advocate and work to reunite children from orphanages with their birth family or extended kin. If the child does not have a family we may arrange for the child to be adopted or fostered.

OrphanCare’s social workers keep in touch with birth mothers and visit them after 6, 12 and 24 months to check on the well-being of mother and baby.

We encourage birth mothers /parents to give us the necessary information and documentation when they leave their baby in our hatch. This child cannot be registered without a birth certificate or other proof of identity and becomes “stateless”. A stateless child does not have the rights of a citizen. He/she won’t be accepted into a school, is not eligible for an identity card, won’t get a job or be allowed to marry.

Birth certificates and other documentation left in a hatch are used strictly confidentially.

OrphanCare is not a temporary shelter for babies while the birth mother or parents try to resolve personal issues. Our hatches are for those who genuinely have no one to turn to for help.


If OrphanCare arranges the reintegration all family members are eligible for counselling.

If you have transportation problems our counsellors will arrange a more suitable venue.

Parent Training

Adopting a child is a life-long commitment. Parent training will help you decide if you are prepared for such a commitment. You and your spouse will learn about the adoptive child and how to deal with a new addition to the family.

Parent training is compulsory. You will be considered only if you attend parent training. Please notify OrphanCare if you cannot attend a scheduled parent training session. You will be slotted into the next available session.

You can contact OrphanCare as often as you want. We will arrange one on one consultation with our counsellors.

You can raise your concerns and issues when our social workers make post adoption visits to your home at 6, 12 and 24 months after adoption. You can also make an appointment to see our counsellors at any time.

Youth Matters

OrphanCare conducts monthly workshops in different towns within peninsular Malaysia.

If you would like us to conduct a workshop at your venue please contact admin@orphancare.com.my. For more details please click Youth issues section. 

DI Reintegration Project

Reintegration can only happen when you and your child are ready. Both parties decide the timing of the actual reintegration. OrphanCare functions as a facilitator.

If you decide not to reintegrate with your child OrphanCare will discontinue its involvement and terminate its services. The purpose of this project is to help your child reintegrate back into the family and live together under one roof rather than have him or her grow up in an institution. Our social workers will discuss the situation with you before we close your case file. Should you decide later to have your child back with you as a family we will reopen your file.

It is OrphanCare’s view that families should not be punished or denied access to a child left at an orphanage. Most parents want the child back at some point. In many countries the child stays with foster carers until the birth family is able to have him or her back home.

This depends on the needs of the child and family. DI-reintegration projects can take up to 3 years. OrphanCare’s assistance includes a one off RM500 start up fund. We help the family apply for government assistance and we reach out to non-government organisations for family and community support.

There are many ways individuals and organisations can help.

You can volunteer, donate, fundraise or collaborate with OrphanCare. We need your support to help clients/families defray

  • costs associated with the (reintegrated) child attending school (like school bus fares, education expenses, tuition costs and school meals)
  • household needs (groceries, laundry, household furniture, utility bills, etc.)You can help families become more self-reliant; help them find jobs, start small businesses, participate productively in informal sector opportunities, get them into self-help programs, etc.

See Collaborate with us – ways your organisation can help for details.


We welcome donations in kind. Please call or email us. We are not able to receive items on site because of space and manpower constraints.

We will indicate what we need on our Facebook page.

Please note:

  • perishable items must be at least 6 months from the expiry date
  • all donated items must be clean, dry, in good condition, complete and working properly
  • deliveries should be made to the address given by OrphanCare

For queries regarding donations please see Donate.