Shocking Stats

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The Problem

Shocking statistics of children raised in institutions

  • 87% had at least ONE living parent [1]
  • 86% had contact with their families [1]
  • 10 times more likely to be involved in PROSTITUTION as adults [2]
  • 35% had both parents alive [1]
  • Only 4% returned to live with their families [1]
  • 40 times more likely to have a criminal record [2]
  • 500 times more likely than their peers to COMMIT SUICIDE [2]
Source: 1. From a 2013 preliminary study of children’s homes in Malaysia (Marc Archer (2013) Preliminary Findings of Survey on Children’s Homes: Family disintegration and institutional care of children in Malaysia) 2. From a study of young adults raised in institutions (Pashkina-quoted in Holm-Hansen, J Kristofersen, LB and Myrvold, TM (eds): Orphans in Russia, NBR-rap-port 2003, Vol 1, p83)