Adoption – The Adoption Process

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The adoption process

We welcome all applications regardless of your age, gender, marital status, ethnicity or religion. You might be married, single or already have a family. What’s important is that you can give a child a safe, stable, loving and nurturing environment. If you meet the Adoption Act 1952 eligibility criteria, have read and weighed all other issues described in our website regarding adoption and wish to apply you will need to:

Interested parties please contact OrphanCare by email at adoption@orphancare.org.my or call us at +603 7770 1900

Attend a briefing session with OrphanCare to establish eligibility. This can be done over the phone or face to face

Make a RM50 non-refundable application fee to OrphanCare Foundation Acct CIMB 1260000280109 and email us your payment slip

Please ensure the questionnaire is fully completed.

Incomplete questionnaires will result in your application not being entered into our waiting list

Only completed submissions enter the queue of waiting parents.

To begin the process submit a completed application form and the following:

  • Ophancare’s receipt for the RM50 application fee
  • Reference letter from 3 close friends that have known you for 5 years or more verifying your suitability to adopt and parent a child. Each letter should contain contact information for future reference.
  • A copy of the Social Welfare Department (JKM) adoption form
  • A completed OrphanCare questionnaire
  • 3 recent passport photos of each parent
  • 3 copies of identity cards of each parent
  • 3 copies of your marriage certificate
  • 3 copies of general medical report confirming good health and/or inability to conceive
  • 3 copies of your latest salary slips

All applicants on the OrphanCare waiting list must complete a 10 hour course on parent training. This pre-adoption training is compulsory.

We will contact you with training dates and more information.

Assessment: An OrphanCare case worker will assess the suitability of applicants (married or single) to adopt.

Assessment criteria: Personality, interests, early life experience, coping abilities, marital stability, parenting attitudes and capacity, adoption motivation, ability to meet the needs and develop the potential of the child who is being adopted, etc.

Procedure: Joint interview (if applying as a couple) or individual interviews. Meeting with referees. Home visit

After the application is approved and pre-adoption training completed applicants will be placed in a pool. The adoption unit of OrphanCare assisted by the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) then select the best parents for the child and oversee the placement.

A social worker from OrphanCare will make regular home visits and maintain telephone contact until the adoption is finalised.

The Court will examine each application to ensure the adoption is done properly and in the best interest of the child before an Adoption Order is granted. 

For non-Muslims the adoption is finalised some six months after the child is brought home. For Muslims the adoption is finalised after a two year fostering period.