Empowering Youths through Reproductive Health Awareness Talks – I Am in Control: OrphanCare 💗


🌼 At OrphanCare, we believe in empowering youths and providing them with essential knowledge about reproductive health. Through our collaboration with various universities and schools, we have been conducting Reproductive Health Awareness Talks – I Am in Control that aim to educate and equip youths with the information they need to make informed decisions about their well-being. OrphanCare has reached out to more than 6000 youth with their Reproductive Health – I Am in Control program.

Explore Our Reproductive Health Awareness Talks 💗

🌼 We cover a wide range of topics relevant to young adults, including puberty, sexual harassment, rape, relationship boundaries, unwanted pregnancies, where to get help and most importantly how to help others. Our trained facilitators, who possess extensive knowledge about reproductive health, deliver these talks in an interactive and engaging manner. We encourage participants to ask questions, share their experiences, and engage in open discussions.

Knowledge is Power. Awareness is Strength. 💗

🌼 There is a significant impact of our Reproductive Health Awareness Talks on participants. Those who attend our talks and gain knowledge about these crucial topics are more likely to be aware of the risks and consequences associated with premarital sex. They are also more likely to utilize contraception to protect themselves from unintended pregnancies and STIs.

Seek Help When You Need It. You’re Not Alone.💗

🌼 Furthermore, the talks contribute to fostering a positive attitude towards reproductive health  and empowering them to be in control of any situation that they are in. Participants develop a greater understanding of their own boundaries, rights, and available resources. They are more likely to have a positive perception of seeking help from healthcare providers when faced with questions or concerns about their reproductive health.

Future Plans 💗

🌼 OrphanCare and partnering universities plan to continue these collaborative efforts to ensure a continuous program for educating and empowering students. The goal is to extend the reach of these awareness talks to all youths in Malaysia, creating a society where everyone is aware and equipped to navigate reproductive health challenges.

Here are some of the universities and schools that has collaborated with OrphanCare : 

🌼 Through collaborations with partnering schools and universities, OrphanCare is dedicated to raising awareness. Our workshops provide crucial information, empower young adults to make informed decisions, and promote a positive attitude towards reproductive well-being. Together, OrphanCare Community helps  equip youths with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate their reproductive health journeys confidently.

The Future is Yours to Create 💗

🌼 Take action now and support our mission of sexual health education! By contributing today, you can help us organize more of these crucial awareness workshops that empower youth in schools and universities. Together, let’s create a safe and informed environment for students. Share this blog to advocate for comprehensive reproductive health education.

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