Humble Beginnings.

OrphanCare Foundation

OrphanCare Foundation began in June 2012 and works closely with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to give institutionalised children and unplanned, at-risk newborns the love, care and security of a family.

OrphanCare started in 2008 with a safe haven for babies born usually out of wedlock to young mothers who face social ostracism and rejection. These young women are given support and privacy as they decide what’s best for the child. OrphanCare counsels young women as they make critical decisions and facilitates the adoption process. OrphanCare has three baby hatches across Malaysia and plans to open more.

In 2013 OrphanCare Foundation began advocating deinstitutionalisation (DI) after studies by UNICEF and others established that institutional care, especially in early life, is detrimental to a child’s development.

The Foundation works with the government to increase awareness about deinstitutionalisation. OrphanCare initiated its own pilot DI project for a hands-on understanding of the process. We are collaborating with Lumos, an independent non-profit based in the UK that advises nations on the process and implementation of DI. The Malaysian government can fast-track by following Lumos’ tried and proven procedure to reintegrate children.

OrphanCare, The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and Lumos are jointly conducting a national study on the situation with institutional care for children in Malaysia.