About Us

Low cost, high impact charity


OrphanCare is a not-for-profit foundation that endeavours to give institutionalised children and unplanned, at-risk, newborn babies the joy of growing up in a family. No child should be denied family life because of circumstances.

We work closely with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and the Department of Social Welfare and are partners with Lumos, an international non-profit organisation that advises nations about deinstitutionalisation (DI), to implement the transition from institutional care to family based care. 

We advocate ending the institutionalisation of children and transitioning them into family and community based care

Reintegration can happen through:

  • reintegrating with birth parents
  • reintegrating with relatives
  • through legal adoption
  • temporary fostering until adoptive parents are found
  • placing children in small group homes with less than 10 people

Saving newborns in Malaysia through our Baby Hatch programme

We arrange for babies to be adopted when birth mothers choose an adoption plan

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