Meet our team
Samita Karunaharan


Samita has been exposed to volunteer work from young. Moved by emotions about the plight of people she studied psychology and counselling with the view to applying formal knowledge to help people.

Samita has a MSc (Counselling Psychology) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and a BA (Counselling Psychology) from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). She is a registered member of the Malaysian Board of Counsellors.

What do you do at your job?
I have a busy daily routine. I work closely with clients from the time they approach or register with OrphanCare. Clients can be prospective adoptive parents or someone or a couple considering giving up a baby. Deinstitutionalisation is currently a priority at OrphanCare. I am involved in the whole process, from when the child is transferred from an institution until he / she is fully reintegrated with a family. I visit clients at home, meet their family members or meet with them at school or a workplace. I am likely to learn most about somebody in an environment where he/she/they are most as ease. Multiple visits across different settings are more likely to reveal a “truer” picture that will help me do my job more effectively.

What is a typical day at work?
It helps that I have the freedom to organise my daily schedule and style of working. My priority is building trust and rapport with clients and stakeholders. They can contact me at all times and it is very rewarding when someone approaches me with a breakthrough bit of information. On the issue of challenges, when you love what you do nothing becomes a hopeless challenge. I am motivated to seek a solution every time.

Does your job positively impact the community?
As a trained counsellor I help people of all ages identify problems and strengths, set goals and work through issues, improve interpersonal and coping skills, address mental health concerns, change behavior and focus on personal growth. The help I give one individual has a ripple effect that eventually touches many lives in families, work places, peer groups and communities.