Meet our team
Nurul Najwa Alias


Nurul moved from OrphanCare Kota Bharu to our Baby Hatch in Petaling Jaya. She has a way with people and babies; babies at our hatch warm to her maternal instincts while her demeanour disarms even the most anxious mother-to-be at the OrphanCare shelter for at-risk women.

Why do you enjoy your role in OrphanCare?
Moving away from my own family was hard. I needed a job and I also love children. The chance therefore to work with the OrphanCare family was an answer to my prayers.

it’s been 2 years but I won’t forget my first experience with a baby. It was 6.00 am. The alarm alerted us and we quickly reached him. He had a towel around him and I still vividly recall how fresh he smelled. I almost cried; he could’ve been my baby.

I took him upstairs and called the officer. I prepared his clothes, milk and diapers for the long day ahead. I took care of him for three days before a couple took him. I was sad to see him go but consoled myself thinking that he would grow up in a loving family and not as an abandoned child. 

What is your overall duty as a Caregiver?
I protect and care for the baby from the time he or she arrives at the baby hatch. Before anything I accompany one of our officers and take the child to lodge a police report. The child is then sent to a hospital for a thorough check-up. Much later I take the baby for the mandatory court hearing.

I also take care of biological mothers and pregnant ladies who come to OrphanCare before and after delivery. I and an officer take each woman for a medical or antenatal check-up at a nearby clinic or hospital. I cook for them while they are at OrphanCare.