Meet our team
Anis Nor Tajul Arus

Communications manager

Anis loves fashion but after nine years as a journalist for a women’s fashion magazine she wanted a bigger challenge and a chance to ‘make a difference’. She joined OrphanCare Foundation in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. Anis has a degree in Mass Communications from University Teknologi MARA  (UITM).

What do you do at Orphancare Foundation?
As Communications Manager of OrphanCare Foundation my team and I work closely with reporters and journalists. We raise awareness about OrphanCare’s activities through radio, print, electronic and social media like Facebook, Instagram and blogs.

What is most interesting for you at OrphanCare?
Meeting KPIs is a challenge but we have a great team. I never imagined working for an organisation that helps save children through a hatch. Then I had to get used to the fact that ‘orphans’ in orphanages are not all orphans.

What can you say about OrphanCare Foundation’s future direction?
10 years from now I see OrphanCare Foundation as a resource centre and consultancy for DI and a safe haven for mothers in distress. I am very proud to be part of this endeavour.