ways to donate

There are many ways to assist

Ways to donate

OrphanCare helps babies who risk being abandoned and advocates the deinstitutionalisation of children from orphanages into family and community based care. As a non-profit your contributions sustain us. Making a donation is a simple and effective way to support our important work.

These are ways you can contribute.

A one-off donation to a campaign or where it is needed most can make a positive impact on children and young people in Malaysia

A regular monthly donation helps us become more effective, efficient and sustainable. With an assured income stream we can provide life transforming services every day of the year without cutting corners or comprising. We can ‘dare to plan’ for long-term growth.

Investing a small gift on a regular basis is a wise decision because of its positive impact on how and what we can provide our vulnerable clients.

When celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary please consider asking friends and family to make a donation to OrphanCare instead of buying a gift.

Every donation to OrphanCare Foundation is acknowledged with an official tax-deductible receipt. Your monthly gift of:

RM 25Give hopeProvides a safe haven and early intervention to help baby hatch birth mothers and babies
RM 50Enlighten parentsExtends our parent training programmes to reach a wider audience
RM 100Provide second chancesFacilitate adoption and meaningful family experience by matching babies and parents
RM 135Reuniting familiesGive reintegrated families means to meet a child’s day to day needs
RM otherTransforming livesInform wider audiences about the harm of institutionalisation and re-­unite children with families